What was lost will be found.

Episode 1

New Allies Old Friends

The CR 90 stands ready in the space port as a melting pot of species wait for the final preparations are made in order to board the ship bound for the Outer Rim. A Cerean looks around curiously at his allies that he meet for the first time in Twenty years only yesterday. “Are you sure that we will find one of our fellow Padawens in the Outer Rim?” A Togruta shakes his head, “I feel that this ship will take us to a former friend from our past.” “If you feel that the Force is telling you that then what’s the worst that can happening?” “I hope nothing out of the ordinary” answers a Protocol Droid that is hanging from a Wookie’s neck. The Droid translates for the Wookie Baalgor who is striding defiantly towards the ramp of the CR 90. The other three look around and proceed to board the ship. A darkened room that is larger then it seems flashes in Casar’s mind while meditating. “There is something in a large room, but the lights are turned down and I can not make out what is in the room.” “Do you think that it’s on this ship?” asked a Mirialan wearing concealing robes. “I don’t know if it is our not.” “If you get any more flashes let us know” said Coryn as he pulls off the hood of his robes.


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